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10 Reason To Invest In PICKERING Reza Pooyanmehr

Saturday Aug 29th, 2020


10 Reason To Invest In PICKERING By Reza Pooyanmehr

1. Location & Population

Pickering lies immediately east of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada. With an estimated population of 94,000 people and 35,000 jobs. Pickering is projected to grow to 190,000 people by 2031.

2. Access to Major Markets

Pickering is located at the heart of Canada’s largest labour and business market. Served by an integrated transportation network, Pickering provides time-saving access to major markets across North America. Five (5) US border crossings are less than a day’s journey from Pickering.

3. Integrated Infrastructure for Business 

Pickering offers excellent access to an integrated transportation network of high capacity roads, railways, a seaport and proximity to 3 airports. High speed telecommunication systems keep you connected to the global economy. 

4. Competitive Business Costs 

Business costs are among the lowest in the GTA and globally very competitive.

5. Diverse and Stable Economy 

Pickering is home to a variety of national and international companies. Key industry sectors include energy, advanced manufacturing, logistics, and pharmaceutical.

6. Skilled and Educated Labour Force 

More than 56% of Pickering residents over the age of 15 years of age have completed a post secondary degree or diploma. Pickering lies within a one hour commute of a labour force of over 6 million.

7. Education and Continuous Business Training 

Pickering is served locally by 5 Universities and 6 Colleges, featuring University of Toronto and University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Durham College delivers over 130 market driven programs and is home to the Skills Training Centre and the new Centre for Food.

8. Ready for Growth 

Pickering is in major transition with new growth targets set for our City Centre where an iconic, enclosed pedestrian bridge connects commuters into the hub of our business centre. The new community of Seaton has shovels in the ground, as we get set to welcome 70,000 new residents and 35,000 new jobs.

9. Available Land and Space 

The Pickering Innovation Corridor boasts 800 acres of greenfield, prestige employment land. Strategically located along a limited access transportation route, these lands are directly adjacent to the site of the future Pickering Airport.

10. Quality of Life 

Residents and Businesses alike applaud the culturally diverse quality of life enjoyed in Pickering. We’re close to urban markets, and just minutes from the peace and quiet of countryside pastimes. Whether nature trails, sports and entertainment, shopping or restaurants, or a vibrant waterfront, Pickering has something for everyone.